Summary of Colorado Gun Laws

Some links will direct you to USCCA sites which Pathway Evolution’s LLC utilizes to better expand your learning as you progress through the gun owning, carrying public.  USCCA is an excellent source of information as well as a provider of liability protection for the gun owner/user.  Insurance of course is a choice that you as a gun owner has to make much like auto insurance only auto insurance is mandated by State Statute.

Colorado is a shall-issue state where concealed carry permits are issued to county residents by local sheriff’s offices. No purchase permits or firearms registration is required for handguns. For private-party transfers of firearms, the seller must request that a licensed dealer perform a background check on the buyer and must get the approval of the transfer from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

Open carry is legal in Colorado for any person who is at least 18 years old and who can legally possess a firearm, except in Denver county and other posted areas. Local governments may enact regulations prohibiting the open carrying of firearms in a building or specific area within the local government’s jurisdiction, as long as signs are posted to that effect.

Concealed carry is legal in Colorado for residents with a Colorado permit to carry a concealed weapon (CCW) and non-residents with a CCW permit from a state that Colorado honors. CCW permits can be issued to any resident at least 21 years old and are not prohibited by law from possessing a firearm. Concealed carry permits require a firearms training course that has been state-approved. Colorado doesn’t issue non-resident permits with the exception of members of the military permanently stationed in Colorado and their immediate family members that live in the state. In terms of reciprocity, Colorado will only honor resident CC licenses from states with which it has a reciprocity agreement.


Colorado is a Castle Doctrine state. It grants its citizens the “right to expect absolute safety within their own homes.” There is no duty to retreat, and the law applies at a person’s residence or in another dwelling. Although the state does not have an express stand your ground law, the Colorado Supreme Court has affirmed Colorado does not include a duty to retreat and “permits non-aggressors to stand their ground when acting in self-defense.”

Use of Physical Force in Defense of Property
A person is justified in using reasonable and appropriate physical force upon another person when and to the extent that he or she reasonably believes it necessary to prevent an attempt to commit theft, criminal mischief or criminal tampering involving property, but he may use deadly physical force under these circumstances only in defense of himself or another.

Use of Physical Force in Defense of a Person
A person is justified in using degree of force which he reasonably believes to be necessary in order to defend the person or a third person from the use or imminent use of unlawful physical force and he may use a degree of force which he reasonably believes to be necessary for that purpose.

Use of Deadly Physical Force Against an Intruder
Any occupant of a dwelling is justified in using any degree of physical force, including deadly physical force, when the occupant has a reasonable belief someone:

  • Has unlawfully entered the occupant’s dwelling and is committing a crime in the dwelling in addition to the uninvited entry;
  • Is committing or intends to commit a crime against a person or property in addition to the uninvited entry; and
  • When the occupant reasonably believes that such other person might use any physical force — no matter how slight — against any occupant.

Use of Physical Force in Defense of Premises
A person in possession or control of any building, realty or other premises, or a person who is licensed or privileged to be there, is justified in using reasonable and appropriate physical force when and to the extent that it is reasonably necessary to prevent or terminate what he believes to be the commission or attempted commission of an unlawful trespass by the other person in or upon the building, realty or premises. However, he or she may use deadly force only in defense of himself or another, or when he reasonably believes it necessary to prevent what he reasonably believes to be an attempt by the trespasser to commit first degree arson.

Civil and Criminal Immunity
Any occupant of a dwelling using justified physical force, including deadly physical force, in accordance with the provisions of the law shall be immune from criminal prosecution for the use of such force as well as any civil liability for injuries or death resulting from the use of such force.

[Colo. Rev. Stat. §§ 18-1-70418-1-704.5, 18-1-705 & 18-1-706]

Colorado-Concealed Carry Hand-Gun Permit:
Pathway Evolutions system of instruction consists of two 8-hour days.  One day will be on the theory of Colorado Law and the Law of Self Defense which is to inform you as to how you should understand and use The Law of Selfe Defense should you be involved in a live-fire real-life situation where you fear for your life and safety. You will be given an exam on the theory informational requiring an 80 passing score.

Colorado requires a handgun permit to carry concealed (out of sight) and is required for interstate reciprocity. Pathway Evolutions Conceal Carry classes more than satisfy Colorado’s training requirement for the Concealed Carry Permit. You will experience a personal carry system lecture and more range work than at other facilities including a very important stress-orientated shooting scenario as well as understanding a most important discussion on the “Law of Self Defense.”

This class will consist of two sessions, one in the home online and the other will be on the range utilizing live fire use of the handgun.

Signing on to this course qualifies applicants for 6 months of free use of the Pathway Evolutions LLC shooting range at your convenience. Assisted instruction will be provided for the new shooter if requested. The Pathway Evolutions Range is under the total authority of Pathway Evolutions LLC.  People who have a different day off times that are not consistent with Sundays may request their special day off to be set as a requirement of their work schedule. For information, please call 720-470-4140 or email

The theory class runs concurrently with the live fire on the range class on Sunday while the theory class is in the attendee’s home environment or public library should a computer not be in the home. The fee for the complete course is $150.00.
The start time for the live firework on the gun range scenario is from 8 AM to 4:30 PM with 45 minutes for a lunch break. The range time can be stressful as there will be considerable trigger time along with some lecture and one on one assistance for those in need.
Your $150.00 Colorado CCP Class tuition will not include a range fee as the range belongs to Pathway Evolutions LLC. This class has a total of 16 hours of instruction and interaction including range time.
The training class as in the aforementioned will involve all training materials for self-study which will include textbooks, handouts, and links to animations on how the pistol and revolver function to include the idea behind the functioning of ammunition.

Registration must be made at a minimum of 10 days prior to class in order for Pathway Evolutions to have all required “textbooks” and lecture handouts available.

Lunch is included in the class fee and will be at noon on range day.
WATER and Soft Drinks: Will be provided on-site. You may bring your own cooler with water or soft drinks and snacks.
An ammunition package is not included in this class. You must have 100 rounds of ammunition of your selected caliber of firearm. We recommend brass cartridges as we feel that steel casings can shorten the life of your chamber. Pathway Evolutions will be responsible for range cleanup.
A special class can be arranged and available on request for groups of 6 clients or more. Contact the training director for more information at 720-470-4140 or email

“Special tactical pistol and rifle classes are in the planning stages and will be very intense with high-stress evolutions as instructed by experienced war-fighters. Stay tuned as these classes develop. Persons enrolled in the Concealed Carry Class will be notified as these classes and details become available.”

Special Note:
Be prepared for foul weather as range time will commence regardless of weather (High Wind or Blizzard Conditions, of course, will be cause for postponement.)

Course Description and Cost
Payment options are available.
The total instructional, home study, and hands-on classes at the range are $150.00.
The minimum class size of the Sunday Range time is six (3) persons, maximum class size is fifteen (16). People with special or unscheduled work days off, not the normal Saturday or Sunday weekend can make arrangements to fit their needs.
The qt the range time will include basic pistol craft in handling, holstering, dryfire techniques, and hostile scenarios.

Special Note: Range time will start all attendees out with a basic pistol, revolver handling scenarios with demonstrations on the single-action pistol, or revolver types of handguns. If you are relatively new to handling and shooting a handgun, you will be given extended and extra one-on-one instruction and support to help build the confidence needed to become proficient with your firearm of choice at a time that is convenient to you. This time is of no charge as it is most important that you become proficient with the handgun before you walk the streets armed. Should you desire additional help in gun manipulation, please use the contact page.

These classes are conducted by an NRA-certified Pistol instructor. All classes are loaded with real-world question and answer sessions.  The theory of in-home learning will be followed by an exam. A certificate of completion will be issued at the range. The in-home study will precede the range day time period and that is when you will do your theory exam.  It is the intention of Pathway Evolution’s LLC to provide you the customer with the best and most thorough training experience in hopes that you will have a surmountable amount of confidence when submitting your application for your Conceal Carry Pistol Permit.

Absolutely no ammunition will be allowed in the classroom.

Hearing protection will be required! If you do not have hearing protection, hearing protection will be provided.

All Safety Rules will be Followed To The Extreme.

Remember: Shooting just one bullet without thinking while under stress could be ruled unlawful and could destroy:

  • Your Freedom 
  • Your Family 
  • Your Reputation 
  • Your Savings 
  • Any Disposable Assets 

Being armed in public is no different than driving in public unless you are not familiar with the rules of engagement!

We do not want this for you. You need to protect yourself from crushing losses that the courts can impose on you. Life is nowhere near as valuable behind bars.

Your personal life circumstances are not known. But We DO KNOW and have the tools that will keep you legally safe as the intended study of The Law of Self Defense is paramount to your future in the gun culture. If you’re ready… then we are here to give those tools to you. Sign up for the CCP class; you will not regret it.

Remember, you will carry a gun so, you’re hard to kill. Know the law, so you’re hard to convict.
Daily, we are constantly reminded that “EVIL” does exist twenty-four seven in our various locations be it in your neighborhood, any urban or rural areas, small town, ranch, farm, or residential acreage you will never know when something will happen until it does happen and hopefully not too late.

Be prepared and stay safe!

Class Supplies and Equipment: What will I need to attend the Class?
· A working Pistol or Revolver.
· A strong workable holster, preferably one with a latch that will secure the firearm in the holster until needed. We recommend a Black Hawk Serpa holster or a Kydex type such as a Blade-Tech or Alien gear or equivalent for example, or a quality leather holster, either In the Waist Band (IWB) or Outside the Waist Band (OSB), your choice.

“No thigh holsters please.” This is for your ease of maneuverability during range time and impractical for everyday carry.

Two extra magazines to total three with one in the Pistol.

The class will require One Hundred (100) Rounds of Ammunition. You will furnish your own ammunition.
The ammunition for these classes is required to be ‘FMJ’ (Full Metal Jacketed) no expanding defense loads, please.
Safety glasses are available at most any hardware stores. MINIMUM ANSI Z87.1 COMPLIANT
Hearing protection if you have it, if not, earplugs will be provided.
A three-ring binder for your class material. A “two-inch size-D type rings” for ease of operation recommended.
If you have not purchased a firearm yet and are unsure of what to buy, a loaner will be available. If you are wanting to purchase a firearm, you may call prior to the class and the instructor will assist you in making a purchase.

Classes will be held on either the 2nd or 4th weekend of each month with enrollment held to a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 16 people.

Again, be prepared for inclement weather, either sun (hot) rain (wet), snow (wet and cold) hi-wind (blowing dust). Blizzards or torrential rainstorms will result in a postponement.

Pathway Evolutions Range Description
Our Private Range is available to current and former CCP class participants in order to maintain the perishable skills received from the CCP classes. Separate range fees and range schedule availability apply to none CCP participants. Contact us for more information.

Pathway Evolutions LLC Private Outdoor Gun Range,

In the planning stage. 
1ea. 80′ wide x 100, and 200 yards. Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun.
5ea. 50′ wide X 25-yard Multi-Directional for Movement drills for safe entrance and clearing training. Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun.
The range features 15′ minimum full berm enclosures.